Pact Timeline

1952 Pact is set up (Protestant Adoption Society) following the Adoption Act 1952
1953 Pact is approved by the Adoption Board to operate as an accredited Adoption
Society. Throughout the 63 years of operation, Pact has received ongoing approval by respective Government Adoption Authority’s to operate as an accredited Adoption Body. The most recent grant of approval dated March 2016 covers Pact’s inclusion in the Register of Accredited Bodies in accordance with the Adoption Act 2010, until February 2019.
1978 Pact takes on the work of C.I.S.S and begins to develop its nationwide panel of social
Workers, which today continue to play an essential role in the work of Pact.
At this time also, the Pact became known as The Protestant Adoption Society and Single Parent Counselling Service. Pact operated from its offices in 71 Brighton Road, Rathgar which was available by the Trustees of the Rathgar Methodist Church.
1983 Pact’s name changed to its current usage of ‘PACT’. A ‘pact’ is an
agreement between persons, groups or nations. In this case PACT represents an agreement between all involved in relation to delivering the best for a child’s future, keeping the best interests of the child at the centre of all work.
1992 The services delivered by Pact were threefold: an Inter-denominational Counselling Service, an Adoption Placement Service and a Post Adoption Counselling Service.
2003 Pact celebrates 50 years!
2006 The Pact Woodland Project is launched. The pact Woodland project is a special commemorative area within South Dublin County Council’s East Tymon Park. It is a resource for local community and it is intended that it will act as a neutral place for meetings, reunions and reflection for all those involved with Pact services over the last 53 years, and ongoing for those yet to be involved with Pact.
2007 Pact moves to new office premises at ‘Arabella House’, 18D Nutgrove Office Park, Dublin 14.
2011 In response to provisions of the Adoption Act 2010, Pact separates its work, with the Crisis Pregnancy Service being transferred to the newly incorporated entity ‘Here2Help’.
2013 Pact celebrates 60 years!


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