Pre-Adoption Fostering

Pre-adoption foster carers provide high-quality care for babies whose mothers need time to plan for the baby’s future. Crisis Pregnancy Agencies work with women who for a range of different reasons, may consider adoption as one of their options when faced with an unplanned pregnancy. Every year a small number of babies are placed in pre-adoption foster care. Many of them go on to live with their birth families and a small number will be placed for adoption. Some babies are in care for a few weeks while others may remain in care for up to a year while complex legal issues are resolved which impact on a possible adoption.

Pact has had experience of providing specialist pre-adoption foster care for many years and we aim to maintain a panel of carers. We believe that it is important to have a range of carers who can meet the needs of a wide range of situations. This does mean that there may be gaps between placements for families.  All children are placed by Tusla with Pact pre-adoptive families.

Pact recruits, trains and supports pre-adoption foster carers. From time to time we advertise for new carers in the Dublin, Wicklow, Kildare and Meath areas. These ads are placed in local papers and on this website.

We operate in line with the National Guidelines for Foster Care and all relevant fostering legislation. Our service is supported by Tusla, The Child and Family Agency. Foster carers are paid the current foster care rates for children under 12.

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